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inCITES contributed to the preparation of the paper presented at the IEEE CSCN 2016 conference in Berlin

inCITES participated in the preparation of the IEEE CSCN 2016 conference paper “Service Provisioning and Pricing Methods in a Multi-Tenan

inCITES Consulting is “diving” to deep web and black markets through its participation to the recently started Horizon 2020 project SAINT

SAINT proposes to analyse and identify incentives to improve levels of collaboration between cooperative and regulatory approaches to inf

inCITES is constantly investigating the business perspectives of 5G networks: Paper accepted at Telematics and Informatics (Elsevier)

A new manuscript describing and assessing the socio-techno-economic factors affecting the market adoption and evolution of 5G / CHARISMA

inCITES Consulting will investigate the business aspects of Cyber Security in the SHIELD project

inCITES Consulting recognizes the importance of Cyber Security in modern networks and participates in SHIELD (Securing against intruders